Amazon creates a new Blockchain service

By 30th May 2018 Blog
mobilty blockchain - Turrito Networks

Amazon has created a new Blockchain service that competes with similar offerings from Oracle and IBM. The offering is called Blockchain Templates which can be defined as a blockchain-as-a-service  (BaaS) offering. This is yet another launch amongst many that show how eager the big players are getting into the blockchain game. This is happening even though their customers still are unsure of what blockchain can do for them.

Some people look at blockchain as primarily a currency exchange system whereas others look to it as a distributed ledger and data transaction system. There are multiple possibilities that blockchain can be applied to from logistics to anti-virus to crowdfunding.

Blockchain Templates give Amazon clients working on blockchain apps a quicker way to work on their blockchain based apps. This launch comes after Oracle announced their cloud service based on blockchain and IBM announced it’s own blockchain as a service offering.

Huawei is also moving in on the market and has announced BaaS offering using something called the HyperLedger. Huawei joins a host of other Chinese Tech companies that already have blockchain platforms.

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