Cloud Hosting Solutions

Our cloud hosting solutions give you unlimited access to Turrito’s Gigabit Hosting Internet Breakout, with world-class infrastructure in over 22 Data Centers around South Africa, and within the likes of Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS platform. We are the experts in Cloud Hosted Services… talk to our team of professionals about your Cloud requirements.

Cloud Hosting is using virtual servers to host your data. These virtual servers get their computing power from physical servers. The benefit of this is that, with connectivity, you can access your data from anywhere and as much as you need to. This leads to cost-saving as with cloud hosting you only pay for what you use.

In most cases, buying a physical server is similar to buying a generator instead of connecting to the power grid – cloud hosting services can deliver agile, powerful and flexible solutions for your business. Virtual servers are ideal for companies who need flexibility and instant access to powerful cloud-based platforms and infrastructure.

Cloud hosting, for example, is the alternative to hosting your website on a single server in your storeroom. If that server goes down, your website is down. However, with cloud hosting you are using multiple servers, if one goes down, your website is still up. Cloud Hosting can be delivered to a client in one of two ways, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

PaaS is when the client is provided with software, such as CloudWare, where they can access applications and install hardware straight from the cloud. This is easier to use and more suitable for people that are less technical.

IaaS is for experienced IT professionals. The client is provided with the hardware required to access their cloud hosting. This is used when a client has a complex IT infrastructure.

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