Companies being proactive regarding threat detection and cybersecurity

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Threat Detection - Turrito Networks

In today’s cybersecurity landscape being proactive rather than reactive is crucial when it comes to mitigating breaches and advanced threat detection. Companies such as the below are tightening the loop where innovation is not happening – specifically in the antivirus and threat detection world. There are a few companies creating products for businesses to proactively keep their businesses cyber secure. We look at our favourites below.

EndGame – Using Machine Learning for Threat Detection

EndGame, as the name might suggest, focuses on end-point protection. They revolutionise this by stopping breaches before they happen, doing more with current end-points and one end-point agent for all your end-points. They make this all possible by using machine learning which assists in stopping targeted attacks, find malicious behaviour patterns and overall reduce operational costs.


Bromium uses application isolation to prevent attacks with a micro-VM (virtual machine). The technology keeps each threat contained in their micro-VM. When someone visits a webpage or downloads an email attachment, the technology creates a micro-VM and the user experience is not affected. This way your business is protected from the greatest threat: human risk.

Cylance – taking Threat Detection to the next level with AI

Cylance uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to take malware detection to the next level. Through using algorithms and machine learning, the technology scans every file and, at the time of writing, 2.7 million points are taken into account. This does this by sending files through a “maze” and scoring the files which are explained perfectly in the video below:


Crowdstrike focuses on replacing outdated and ineffective business security solutions. They too use machine learning to prevent potential attacks. Thanks to their behavioural analytics, businesses can access a full timeline of insight to help prevent future attacks.

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