Fight back with the only cloud solution that keeps your business running

By 24th Jul 2017 Blog
Turrito Ransomware Hostage - Turrito Networks

Ransomware can creep into your organization via email, drain productivity and cost you millions. And, cybercriminals are constantly distributing new forms of ransomware and re-inventing existing ones. How’s a business supposed to cope? Start with email. Turrito is the only cloud solution that combines security, business continuity and data replication for email.

No one is safe. According to the FBI, this year ransomware infected 100,000 computers a day. Nearly 50% of all malware blocked by Turrito in the last three months was ransomware.

Turrito packs a powerful punch against ransomware, and helps you to:

Prevent a ransomware attack.

Ensure that employees continue to work in the event of an attack

Store your data in an encrypted third-party archive so it’s not lost Prevent a ransomware attack.

Protect your business from Ransomware.


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