Why go the SD-WAN route?

By 17th Aug 2017 Blog
Turrito Networks

Compared to your traditional WAN environments, SD-WAN allows you to install your WAN to your branches 100 times faster, at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional WAN is based on multiple devices in the branch office with isolated management and different links connecting to these devices. It’s also limited from a bandwidth perspective, which makes it expensive due to the various MPLS circuits required. Traditional WAN is dependent on datacenters which means performance issues arise as traffic needs to go through these datacenters. This WAN requires multiple single-function devices which allows it to have a complex infrastructure that can be difficult to manage.

SD-WAN improves your branches by being virtual, meaning there is no need for complex and expensive infrastructure. Because it’s cloud based, you can deploy changes from one location instead of going and manually upgrading at each branch. This also enables SD-WAN to be a pay-as-you-use model. With cloud software you know how much you are using and you only ever have to pay for that.

Turrito Network’s offers SD-WAN to our clients through Velocloud.


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