Going beyond BYOD

By 29th Mar 2019 Blog

We’ve all heard the stories. The CEO of a global conglomerate goes on holiday with his family and has his device wiped after his three-year-old enters the wrong password one too many times. An errant employee uses his personal device to access corporate information and unwittingly exposes the entire organisation to some sneaky malware. Or perhaps a senior staff member leaves her company-issued laptop in a bar and the password to access the device is ‘12345’.

Each of these scenarios can have far-reaching consequences. Not only from a loss perspective – losing confidential information, breaking customer trust and affecting revenue – but also from a legal perspective. As legislation like the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, situations like these could see organisations facing some pretty heavy fines.

But how do companies protect themselves without limiting employee freedom?

Mobility is nothing new, but it’s becoming more complicated, notes Chris Buchanan, client solutions director at Dell EMC South Africa. Mobility solutions have already increased complexity and bring new challenges into the business relating to security, device management, data management and application access. So it’s critical that businesses know how mobile technologies can provide the results they’re looking for.

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