Google Partner, Interconnect offers speedy connectivity

By 12th Jun 2018 Blog
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Google announced earlier this year that it has partnered with connectivity provider Interconnect to help it’s enterprise customers get high speed connection to their datacenters.

With the service, customers can get from as low as 50Mbps to 10Gbps speeds from their data centers through to Googles through a partial circuit. This circuit is provided by one of Google’s 23 partners which include AT&T, Orange, and Verizon. With this, Google Enterprise clients are able to get speedy connections even when far from the closest Google Cloud region or point of presence.

These sorts of connections are integral to bringing enterprises to the cloud. Large businesses usually have masses of data hosted on legacy, on-prem systems. Transferring that amount of data over the public Internet is tedious and having such a speedy connection will really make a difference when it comes to migrating to the cloud.

Google already has a dedicated service which allows customers to connect to their datacenters. However, the customer must be in close proximity to one of their regions or points of presence. This allows enterprises that aren’t geographically close to migrate to the cloud.

Microsoft and Amazon also offer similar services.

Turrito Networks is a Google, Microsoft and Amazon partner.

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