Global System for Mobile communications is simply the digital cellular technology used for transmitting voice and data services.
The Turrito GSM division provides corporate cellular contracts, APN’s and mobile data management. This division is staffed by a team of professional and experienced staff who can create new contracts, upgrade existing contracts, and provide unparalleled corporate GSM support.
Services that are provided by Turrito GSM include:
  • New cellphone and data contracts – we’ll deliver and activate
  • Upgrades of existing cellphone and data contracts
  • SIM swaps and line unlocks
  • Blacklisting of stolen phones
  • Loading of additional data bundles
  • Increase and decrease of call limits
  • Detailed billing reports
  • Data usage and call queries
Why Turrito GSM:
  • Direct access to a team with over 20 years of GSM experience
  • Quick turnaround times for delivery of devices and SIMS
  • Customized packages and deals for Corporates
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Cost savings
Turrito GSM Business Deals

Turrito connects to every major internet provider in South Africa and can offer every telecoms solution to match both your needs and budget. For Business Telecom Solutions, speak to a Turrito specialist to help deliver phenomenal connectivity to your business.

As you are probably aware we have always been specialists in providing fixed-line connectivity and related services, but have never directly provided cellular contract (GSM) services. We’ve had a lot of requests from customers, all of whom have GSM requirements, and most continue to receive poor or deteriorating service. Through some preliminary investigations, many of our customers are being over-billed, incorrectly-billed and have disparate contracts which are difficult to manage. As of November 1st Turrito is able to handle all of your corporate GSM requirements, saving you money and a lot of time. GSM contracts can be a nightmare to navigate across your business and Turrito can now assess your current spend and usage, recommend appropriate contracts, migrate you to our platform, consolidate billing and more. We’ll handle all of the once-off administration and the ongoing oversight (to ensure you stay on the right packages) and there is no interruption to service. Phone upgrades, data bundles, reporting, SIM swaps and quick turnaround times are what you can now expect – Turrito style