How AI will change the way we buy TV Ad Space

By 14th May 2019 May 21st, 2019 Blog

TV advertising and viewing is being radically changed through various technologies, especially with the growth in Fibre connectivity and video streaming. The next transformation in the industry is going to be driven by AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. Today most used streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are already using machine learning and AI to identify content for their subscribers. For traditional TV companies such as DSTv and SABC to stay alive they need to adapt their advertising strategy to include AI based advertising models.

The need for this ultimately comes from the average consumer’s expectation for tailored experiences in real time. Trillions of data records need to be filtered and learnt to ensure advertising that is delivered is correctly targeted and experienced. And this can only be done with AI and machine learning, machine learning literally learns about the data and AI delivers a personalized experience.

The future of most traditional media comes down to customized and personalized experiences.

Adsense recently did a report on AI’s role in TV Ad Space which you can view here.

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