In Review: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

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Turrito GSM Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Review

In 2019, Samsung revealed that they would be making 2 versions of their flagship Galaxy Note 10. One version would be a more premium experience, and the other a similar experience but with a smaller price tag. This is a trend that may have started with the iPhone when Apple launched the iPhone SE in 2016 and continues with most major smartphone manufacturers. It makes sense with the increasing demand and supply of smartphone technology and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite works for those who want the S Pen without the R17 499 price tag of the Note 10.  

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite features the S Pen, the Note 9’s processor and Note 8’s rear camera. All to reduce the price of the Lite. Despite this, the Note is packed with a couple of modern features such as the Infinity-O display, an ultra-wide camera, fast charge and the latest Android software.  


In comparison the other phones in the Note 10 range, the Lite shows that it is the more affordable model. The phone display is 6.7 inches and the back of the phone has no texture or gradient. The phone has plastic on the back and sides, making it feel less premium than the Note 10 and Note 10+. Even so, the Note 10 lite has something we all (still) rely on – a headphone jack.  

In the box the phone comes with a plastic cellphone case, USB C charging cable and power adapter, the S Pen and extra stylus tips, earphones (3.55mm) and a hybrid slot for dual-sim purposes.  


The Note 10 Lite doesn’t have a flagship-grade AMOLED display, but it does the job. The screen has wide viewing angles, vivid colours and deep blacks. Brightness levels are set at natural by default and you can change them to your preference.  

The Pen 

The S Pen is the greatest feature of the Note series from Samsung. Competitors haven’t seemed to come up with a stylus as good as the S Pen. It’s handy for taking notes or doodling. It’s Bluetooth enabled to be used as a remote control for various applications such as changing slides in PowerPoint, take pictures and more. The only thing that the Lite doesn’t have that the Note 10 and Note 10+ do have is air actions – the ability to press the S button on the pen and perform functions without touching the screen.  


As mentioned before, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite uses a mix of old and new components for its camera. Unfortunately, this has caused the photo quality to be less than that of the Galaxy S10 Lite. There seems to be a lack of detail that’s noticed when you zoom in to your image. However, most wide-angle lenses on smartphones aren’t known for their amazing quality, so it’s not that much of a big issue.   

So, should you purchase the Galaxy Note 10 Lite? It depends if you want the functionality of the Note 10 range but the most affordable model, then yes get it. The phone overall has the S Pen, a beautiful display, fast charge, great battery life and the latest software.  

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