In 2015 Turrito Network acquired an IT services business with over 20 years experience in Managed Services and Business IT Support, enabling Turrito to extend our service and support from Wide Area Networking right through to Local Area Networking (Desktop to DataCentre).

Turrito can now support your entire LAN environment and offer a fully outsourced IT department or an extension of your existing IT department to help scale. By using best-in-class solutions and over 20 years of experience, Turrito is now able to both maintain your in-house IT needs, but also turn it into one of the most valuable and resilient parts of your business.


The advantages offered by going the managed IT services route include:

  • Maximum uptime;
  • Rapid resolutions of IT issues;
  • Quick and easy onboarding processes for new users;
  • Data and information protection. Regular backups will be done to ensure that you are never at risk of losing data and information;
  • Proactive approach resolving issues often before the organisation even becomes aware of them; and
  • Unlimited IT remote and telephonic support for a fixed monthly fee.

Turrito started adopting typical MSP (Managed Solutions Provider) systems, software, processes and practices in 2015 that aligned well with existing business strategies. 

The main aim was to provide additional value to our customers while reducing costs through increased efficiency. It has delivered increased efficacy in our business due to the software we deploy.

Managing all the IT services for our clients; every staff member, every device, every update, all the time including uptime from their internet provider and access to their cloud platforms. Then, providing reports detailing the efficacy of the solutions in place and giving executives, business owners or board members much-needed confidence on a return on their investment into ITOnce you have the right systems in place, a successful MSP should be billing set fee’s to keep businesses IT stable, functional and efficient in its delivery of the business solutions required of it.  

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