Your Next Lawyer May Be a Robot

By 5th Mar 2018 Blog
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You may think you would need to possess certain skills that only humans have to do things such as be creative, comedic or even be a lawyer. Robots have proved us wrong with the Rembrandt AI and Botnik and probably will with lawyers. In fact, AI has been assisting humans with small legal woes for years now.

We are far from an Atticus Finch bot, but at the current moment, AI law bots are focussed on simple legal matters. The kinds that require lots of paperwork but don’t exactly go into ethics and morals. But just because they can handle simple tasks, doesn’t mean it can make a massive difference in the world. Lawyers are expensive and in a perfect world handling small matters would just take 30 mins and a small fee. However, a lot of people have to pay a lawyer to just get that far. Apparently, divorces don’t even need to be as expensive as they are now. “About 80 percent of people who need legal help can’t afford it,” developer Joshua Browder told the Wall Street Journal, “and it’s really strange that nothing has been done for consumers in this area.”

Joshua created an AI bot when he was 17 years old that assists people with paying their parking tickets and disputing them. It’s called DoNotPay and has helped nearly 500 million people save $11 million. He’s since added on a lot more and although it’s US-based it can help you fight Terms of Service cases to Immigration issues. His next target is divorce, something that another AI called LawBot is tackling.

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