Public Wi-Fi users exploited by cryptocurrency miners

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With the interest in cryptocurrencies not fading away anytime soon, a few miners have been exploiting unsuspecting users of public Wi-Fi. You could be at risk when using public Wi-Fi.

These kinds of attacks are called a “MITM” (Man-In-The-Middle) attacks. Basically, the hacker injects code into the code of a website using a public Wi-Fi connection and with that, use the computers on the network of the public Wi-Fi to mine cryptocurrency.

For the more tech-savvy, below is a more technical description from ZDNet:

“The attack works through the spoofing of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) messages by way of the dsniff library which intercepts all traffic on the public network.

Mitmproxy is then used to inject JavaScript into pages the Wi-Fi users visit. To keep the process clean, the developer injected only one line of code which calls a cryptocurrency miner.”

The only weakness of the code that the hackers use is the time it takes. A user needs to be on the webpage for at least 40 seconds to make the hack worth it. Your best bet in protecting yourself is keeping your computer secure – this means having anti-virus, up to date apps and not spending too much time on Public Wi-Fi.

You can see how the hack is performed below:

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