Turrito GSM Hot September Deals

By 17th Sep 2020GSM
Turrito GSM

Hot September Deals 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G

23 GB Data + 1000 mins PM

R1449 PM x24

SIM Only and Data

80 GB Data PM

R399 PM x 24

Great SIM Only Deals

Keep your business mobile with the SIM-only deals from Turrito GSM


SIM Only
55 GB Data PM
1300 Mins PM
x 24

R2599 PM

SIM Only
100 GB Data PM
2250 Mins PM
x 24

R4799 PM

SIM Only
200 GB Data PM
4500 Mins PM
x 24

Add on these top smartphones for business:

Huawei P30 Lite +R200 pm x 24
Samsung Galaxy A70 +R250 pm x 24
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB +R300 pm x24

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