Will Wi-Fi kill Mobile Networks?

By 24th Jan 2018Mar 30th, 2020Connectivity
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Will mobile networks fail to keep up with increasing data consumption driven by 5G and unlimited plans? Mobile networks rely on being able to offload data onto Wi-Fi.

In 2016, most traffic was offloaded from mobile networks on to Wi-Fi than remained on them. As we enter the Zettabyte era, with annual traffic expected to reach 3.3 ZB by 2021, it will be necessary for Wi-Fi to take more strain.

The growth of the Wi-Fi market has made it easy to find a connection. There are over 12 million commercial and community Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK with many of them offering access for free.

If digital devices similar to that of Google Glass begin to replace smartphones, we will see more data usage. Wi-Fi, or an evolution of the current technology with unlimited speed, will be the go-to choice for data delivery, potentially removing 4G and 5G networks altogether by 2025.

The global Wi-Fi market is consistently growing with an estimated worth of 33.5 billion dollars by 2020. It is also predicted that this year there will be a Wi-Fi hotspot for every 8 humans.

Increasingly, Wi-Fi is the glue that holds our connected world together, satisfying the appetites of Netflix and Spotify bingers, who use their phones in a very different way to a decade ago.

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