End-to-end Managed ICT Solutions. From Desktop to Datacentre. Technology Solutions Provider.


Turrito is an end-to-end Technology Solutions Provider, combining every network in the country with best of breed managed services and superior IT support. From business-grade connectivity and cloud hosting platforms, to Business Intelligence and Microsoft deployments, our team will help your business access all the right solutions and support needed to thrive.

Managed Services

Turrito provides fully outsourced IT departments, acts as an extension of your existing IT department, or provides permanent technical placements.



All our solutions include a Service Level Agreement with guarantees and industry-leading response times.


The Cloud

The Cloud is where your business can operate and scale.


COVID-19 has disrupted IT and Telecoms in ways the world is still coming to terms with.  One thing is certain though: the move to the Cloud is more relevant that it’s ever been and Turrito is best placed to get you there.  Speak to us about Work-From-Home (WFH) solutions that don’t compromise on security, agility or compliance.  Or zero-touch networks as the need for complex corporate networks diminishes.  If your video conferences aren’t perfectly smooth in high definition or your VoIP quality has dropped, you need Turrito.

Turrito has Wide Area Network coverage across Africa and provides turnkey desktop to datacentre solutions across all of South Africa. From desktop sales and support right through to architecting Hybrid Multi-Cloud networks.  Our management and technical teams have decades of experience and thousands of happy customers. Welcome to a new way of doing IT. Welcome to Turrito.

Find out more about COVID-19 at www.sacoronavirus.co.za

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