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Coverage Maps

Unmatched Coverage Across Africa.
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Discover the perfect internet solution tailored to your business with Turrito’s Coverage Maps. We take pride in our technology-agnostic approach, delivering superior connectivity services across Africa with the most extensive network coverage in South Africa. Our presence is ubiquitous; if it’s reachable, we’re already there.

Ensuring Quality Connections Wherever You Are

Turrito Network Coverage Map

Our expansive coverage, powered by satellite, LTE, WIFI, Fibre, Data centre services, and partnerships with Tier One networks, showcases our commitment to offering a broad spectrum of connectivity options. Turrito Network’s array of solutions caters to diverse business models and requirements, acknowledging that every business, from advertising agencies needing robust upload speeds to accounting firms relying on constant cloud connectivity, demands a bespoke solution.

Our offerings include:

  • Dedicated Fibre
  • Broadband Fibre
  • Broadband Wireless
  • MPLS
  • LTE and Mobile Solutions
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Connectivity
  • APN

When implementing any kind of Cloud strategy, it’s essential to have high-quality, low-latency bandwidth.

It’s also essential to have dual-route and/or backup connectivity, providing instant, automatic rerouting over geo-redundant links if the primary connection falters. The quality of these links also matters, and it’s something we emphasise when customising our services for your business needs.

Find the connectivity solution that aligns with your operational locations and requirements, and partner with us to ensure your business stays connected, seamlessly and reliably, to the Cloud and beyond.

Find out more about our other Managed Connectivity solutions for superior performance, security, and seamless cloud integration.

APN Solutions

Turrito delivers custom APN Solutions for unmatched privacy and reliability in your business connectivity. Secure your network with us.

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Coverage Maps

Discover tailored connectivity solutions for your business with Turrito’s extensive network coverage in South Africa and across Africa.

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Failover Solutions

Turrito provides failover connectivity solutions to keep your business running smoothly during network disruptions. Secure your operations now.

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Enhance your IT department with Turrito’s Business Fibre Solutions, offering unmatched speed and security for superior business performance.

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Turrito’s SD-WAN solutions revolutionize your network, offering enhanced performance, security, and cost-efficiency for digital transformation.

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Ready to redefine the potential of your IT department?

Partner with Turrito for unmatched network reliability, empowering your IT department to maintain seamless operations.

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