Coverage Maps

Let’s help you identify the right internet solution for your business. Have a look at the Turrito Coverage Maps to see what solution we can offer your business.

At Turrito we pride ourselves on being internet agnostic and offering connectivity services across Africa.

We have the largest network coverage in South Africa. If it exists, we’re already there. 

The Turrito coverage map indicates our extensive coverage thanks to our great satellite, LTE, WIFI, Fibre and Data centre services, and our relationship with Tier One networks.


Turrito Network’s offers various connectivity solutions for business. The connectivity solution your business needs is completely dependent on your business model and what you require connectivity for. For example, an advertising agency requires better upload speeds due to the nature of their file sizes whereas an accounting firm would require constant connectivity because of cloud software such as Pastel. The type of solution you need is also dependent on where your business operates, have a look at the Turrito coverage map above to see what solution works for you. 

The connectivity solutions we offer include:
  • Dedicated Fibre
  • Broadband Fibre
  • Broadband Wireless
  • MPLS
  • LTE and Mobile Solutions
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Connectivity
  • APN

Any successful Cloud strategy is entirely reliant on connectivity: solid, stable and decent quality bandwidthWhen all your data, systems and critical applications sit in the Cloud, it’s vitally important that you can connect to and interact with those Cloud environments both reliably and seamlessly. Fortunately, to consume Cloud services requires connectivity of any kind, which means that you could connect over a second link, or worst-case scenario, connect over your 3G / LTE phone.  

In the enterprise, having dual-routes / backup connectivity to the internet is highly recommended, as traffic can be instantly and automatically rerouted over the backup link, should anything go wrong on the primary link.  

However, keep in mind that not all connectivity is created equal – so the quality of connectivity must be investigated before committing to any service provider.