Hosting Solutions: Virtual or Physical, Private or Public

The world has moved to the cloud. Most organisations, looking to modernise legacy infrastructure and leverage existing investments, are looking to cloud platforms and services to refine their cost-centres and drive value. Today, cloud offers the business an intelligent foundation from which to grow the business at scale, without being caught in the cycle of ageing tech, complexity and OPEX.

Cloud offers support across data centres, consumption-based services, as-a-Service solutions, and so much more. It is also constantly growing and evolving. The word ‘cloud’ has expanded to include everything from infrastructure to services to hardware to everything in between.

Your business wants the right cloud toolkits that meet your very specific business requirements. Nothing more, nothing less.

Turrito has extensive expertise working with cloud solutions, platforms, services and offerings. We collaborate with you to create an infrastructure that fits your unique needs – there’s no square pegs or round holes here. We know true cloud is agile, pliable and elastic, and we make sure that the cloud you experience is exactly that.

Hosting with Turrito delivers:


  • Pliable and elastic cloud investments that deliver what you want, when you want it, how you want it. With us, you are provided with a solution that fits your as-a-Service requirements like that proverbial glove.
  • Microsoft Azure and AWS insights and expertise that help you to achieve your hosting, cloud, and business goals. We also have insights into hosting solutions that sit outside the box, offering you customised solutions that are targeted at meeting niche business needs.
  • Regulation and legislation compliant data sovereignty solutions that are correctly positioned and geographically located to fit your business mandates, growth and requirements.
  • Cost effective, tightly configured and intelligently managed environments on platforms that deliver to your needs. We don’t believe in big costs; we believe in big results.
  • We know that the road to achieving your business goals isn’t straight. We help you to configure your environments to ensure they have the scale and agility you expect, at a price point you can afford. We know that if you configure your environment incorrectly it can end up as a very expensive mistake – with us, you won’t make that mistake.
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