Turrito's Story

Turrito was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of helping SME’s and Corporates unlock exceptional value using Technology.

“We wanted to make our customers feel as important as the big enterprises by giving them access to dedicated teams of support professionals and all the best-in-class Technologies”. “Once the model was proved, we grew from Wide Area Networks and Connectivity into virtually all aspects of IT.”

The name Turrito comes from a jellyfish called Turritopsis dohrnii or more commonly “The Immortal Jellyfish”. This jellyfish is made up of numerous organisms which work together and can endlessly mature and revert depending on the environment and conditions. This perfectly describes the Turrito business model and its adaptability.

Turrito's Structure

Turrito is backed by private equity investment. In 2020, Turrito partnered with Growth Capital Partners during its Management Buyout.