SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network and is a solution that enables businesses to bond (aggregate) multiple connectivity mediums together, and prioritize the traffic that moves across a businesses network.

This means businesses can run a virtual “single connection” to each of the businesses branches/sites, which is made up of 2 or more connections, and dynamically route traffic via the fastest path… all according to the priority of the data.

Your most important network traffic gets preference, your less important traffic must make way. SD-WAN is often a replacement technology for MPLS and offers far higher capacity for your spend, whilst retaining a high level of service quality and data classification. Talk to our specialist SD-WAN team about your network

SD-WAN addresses several common problems that enterprise network managers face:

  • Managing costs
  • Decreasing network complexity
  • Increasing flexibility and performance
  • The primary driver for most enterprises adopting SD-WAN technology is price