When it comes to business intelligence and analytics it’s important to look at what your business needs. At some point, you need to figure out which technologies, tools, and approaches you should invest in to get the insights you need.

Focus on what you need the system to do, and who will use it. How detailed do you need your insights to be? How tech-savvy are the people that need to run queries the most? How much control and visibility do you need over the process and the source data itself? Are you more interested in understanding how you got here or getting an idea of where you’ll go next?

Ultimately, these questions will help you establish the level of self-service you need, and whether your data requirements are geared more towards descriptive or predictive analytics, leading your business in the right direction – regardless of the terminology behind the tool.

Turrito Networks can assist you in deciding what Business Intelligence tools to implement in your business. We’ll then implement them and help you build workflows, reports and provide training.  We have specialists in the below products but are able to implement many other popular tools:


  • SharePoint – SharePoint is more than just a document management system. It has a lot of additional uses such us workflow management, dashboard creation, collaboration, web analytics and business intelligence integration.
  • Power BI – Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website. Connect to hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports.
  • Power Apps – Power Apps is a service that lets you build business apps that run in a browser or on a phone or tablet, and no coding experience is required. With PowerApps documentation, you get expert information and answers to address your needs, regardless of how you use PowerApps.