Turrito’s cloud and onsite backup services offer our customers the best of all worlds – safe, affordable backups, managed automatically to a secure all your user and business data:

  • Initial seeding – This ensures that there are no long transfer times;
  • Automated cloud backup– Your system will automatically update to the online system at regular intervals as determined by you;
  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption – Makes sure only you have access to the saved information via a password;
  • Local servers – This ensures quick connections and support systems to easily access your data. And of course, this meets all regulatory requirements
  • Cross-platform support – You can manage your cloud backup across many platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux
Cloud Hosting Servers in the Cloud

We have all been in a situation where we’ve lost an hour of work on your PC. We’ve had customers losing days or weeks’ worth of work – or even worse losing a database that can’t be recreated, financial documents needed for audits and possibly all company data is encrypted and then ransomed by financially motivated hackers from across the world. 

Alternatively, one can imagine the network going down for days for any reason and what would happen if you could not access data and how that would affect your business operations.  

A flood seems impossible but a hundred businesses in Bedfordview and Centurion would argue otherwise, a major lightning storm or fire burning the server out is also possible but not as likely as simple theft. The most common now, however, is malware infecting your network (and data) leading to a ransom being demanded to unencrypt your files…  

Do you have emergency recovery plans in place that you are confident will cover you in any of the above scenarios? Do you understand that the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) makes this mandatory? 

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, or a strong disaster recovery plan in place, you are taking a significant risk with your business, your data and your clients trust in your brand.  

Due to the ever-increasing number of threats, it’s only a matter of time before serious problems materialise.