Cloud Services can be best described, as the delivery of services such as servers, storage, databases and applications over the internet. Commonly known services such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services are widely recognised as Cloud Services. Turrito Networks offers all these services and more, which include Virtual Servers, Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Security in the form of Fortigate and Sonic Firewalls, Z-Scaler Internet Cloud Based Proxy, Hosted PABX and Cloud Backups. Turrito is here to assist you with all your cloud related needs.


At Turrito, we pride ourselves in offering all our users the best of cloud services for any need. Some of our offerings include:

  • Web-based email access;
  • Online data storage and backup;
  • Hosted office suites;
  • Database processing;
  • Document collaboration; and
  • Technical support.

All our cloud services are:

  • Scalable – Your technology can easily grow with your business;
  • Customisable – We build your IT solution around specific business requirements;
  • Mobile – Access your files and applications from anywhere, anytime; and
  • Money-saving – Cost-effective technology that pays for itself faster.