Wondering how to connect my people? Choosing the right internet provider can be challenging, but Turrito Networks owns infrastructure and bandwidth from all of South Africa’s top telecommunications companies, enabling us to deliver a range of options for you and your business. Our connectivity & fibre solutions range from cost-effective broadband services, to high-speed, geo-redundant dedicated solutions with premium Service Level Agreements industry-leading response times and support.

Our internet breakouts run over all the available international undersea cables systems, giving our customers the highest level of uptime and availability, and the highest quality international bandwidth. Internet Service Providers are often limited to just their backbone and a single options of fibre / wireless solutions. So if you’re being told ‘there’s only one option’ or ‘there isn’t an option for your area’ it’s time to speak to us!

In a globally connected world, there are many different ways to stay in touch: email, voice and phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging and more.


A modern and mobile workforce is one of your greatest assets, with research proving that enabling telecommuting leads to more productive employees.


With network security hazards on the rise, businesses without a proactive source of security are faced with the great challenge of protecting their networks and information.


Powerful, Solid State computing at a fraction of the cost, and using less power than an energy-saving lightbulb… that’s the CloudGate PC.

CloudGate PC