Why is choosing the right connectivity solution so difficult? Because everyone believes their connectivity is the best, but in reality, you need to find the right solution for the right problem. Turrito has access to every single network provider in South Africa, making the decision simple, we will pick from all the available solutions to ensure it’s right for your business. Access to every dedicated fibre, broadband, microwave and mobile solution in the market with premium Service Level Agreements, guarantees and industry-leading response times. And because we are one of the largest network aggregators in the country, we’ll deliver this more affordably than any other provider. 
Can’t find connectivity in a certain area/region… if it exists, we’re already there.
So if you’re battling to find the right connectivity for your business, or have no availability in your area, come find out what real connectivity options look like.
It’s time to speak to Turrito

Turrito’s support methodology places advanced technical support right upfront, so you’re immediately dealing with the right skills to solve your problem, rather than endlessly escalating. This dramatically increases both response and repair times for our customers. If you’ve encountered some of the problems above, or if these approaches sound refreshing, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Turrito. 

Choosing the right connectivity solutions can be challenging but Turrito works with all of South Africa’s telecommunications companies to find the correct providers based on your needs.  Our connectivity solutions range from cost-effective broadband, 3G and 4G to high-speed, geo-redundant fibre solutions with premium local and international bandwidth options.  All our solutions include a Service Level Agreement with guarantees and industry-leading response times.

In this age of digital dependency, your business needs dependable connectivity at all times.  Having one unmanaged and unguaranteed Internet connection is a recipe for downtime and loss of productivity.  Let us design, setup and maintain a connectivity solution which is relevant and robust.  It’ll include guaranteed uptime, Quality of Service, redundancy and a host of configuration options not ordinarily available.

Turrito acts as a network-independent provider of every solution and Internet provider available. We’ll provide you with the best advice and support, and cater for your unique needs, instead of just selling services which exist on our own infrastructure. And all at better pricing than the market!

Our break-outs run over a variety of international undersea cables including SEACOM, SAT3, EASSY, WACS, ACE, SAT2 and SAFE. Internet Service Providers often only use one back-end provider or at most a handful.

In the unlikely event of a problem, Turrito also uses a completely different support methodology.  Our premium customers are able to log tickets or call our senior support engineers immediately.  We do this knowing how critical uptime is.  Having a customer wait for an escalation from tier 1 to tier 2 and onwards is simply not an option.