Dedicated Service Desk

Dedicated Service Desk is a Turrito managed service which provides you with a skilled and dedicated onsite IT department. You get all the advantages of having an outsourced partner while having onsite support staff that are dedicated only on your support requirements.  
With technology changing faster than ever, an outsourced model gives you flexibility and expertise inside your organisation, backed up by a technology-focused business like ours that has a constant finger on the pulse of what technology is most capable of increasing productivity and efficiency in your business.​  
Internal IT departments, while wholly dedicated to the success of the business that employs them become inevitably “blinkered” by the environment they support and have neither the time, budget, or opportunity to investigate and test competing technology solutions. 
Proactive Support 
  • The Turrito ticketing system is a crucial part of our services as it enables us to monitor and manage our teams’ performance onsite and allows us to provide you with valuable insights into your IT environment. The ROI on this is excellent as trends become visible and budgets can be aligned to real problems.  
  • Turrito monitoring and technical support tools empowers our engineers by reducing diagnostic time making them more efficient at their jobs. We utilise the best software in the world to achieve this and are constantly testing new tools to improve. We automate, script and code as much as we can to ensure that we are proactively addressing issues, to maximize time with users. 
  • A monthly meeting with management and 360-degree reporting, backed up by quarterly reviews with our directors ensure that you are always at the cutting edge of what is possible. We want to create long term partnerships and understanding your business needs at both management and EXCO level will ensure we provide you with future-proofed solutions.  
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How we partner with you

As this is a dedicated service, we integrate into your organisation in a way which best suits your business needs. We can complement your existing service desk by adding additional resources to your IT team, or we can take over your entire ServiceDesk function and report into the assigned primary IT contact.  

The IT contact can be an IT Manager, CIO, or any Senior Managers in the business. We build a bespoke team based on what your business already has, and where the gaps are. This frees up your senior staff members to focus on more important high-level tasks, such as business strategy, app management or critical service delivery.  

Should you already have an excellent IT team but need the resilience, redundancy and knowledge of an outsourced partnership we can incorporate these staff members into our team. As we are an IT company, this often opens up career opportunities for these employees who may have reached a ceiling in an IT department with limited opportunities. 

Key Benefits
  1. Customised and dedicated support teams who understand your business while still being backed by an extensive network of talented engineers and Turrito partners with various skills and strengths. 
  2. Well-developed ticketing system to track and manage incoming support requests as well as agent performance. 
  3. Access to a broad team of IT professionals (outside of your dedicated resources) ensure that in the event of a real crisis or disaster situation, highly experienced IT professionals can be brought in to advise and assist. 
  4. In-person, regular monthly meetings with senior Turrito staff members who understand your business requirements and can bridge the gap between business and technology. 
  5. Proactive monitoring and patch management to ensure your IT environment is reliable, safe and secure. 
  6. Dedicated support staff onsite, can pick up on and identify issues that remote support teams are often unable to see. 
  7. Through longstanding support contracts with customers that have a national footprint Turrito has built up a national partner support network, which allows us to deploy engineers out to any major town or city in South Africa. We manage the logistics, booking and quality assurance when dealing with these 3rd party providers to ensure a level of service that we are comfortable with. 
  8. Turrito maintains detailed documentation & site architecture on encrypted and secure industry leading software to ensure we can support you no matter what happens to the resource/s assigned to your account. This is backed up by the redundancy of engineers as well as oversight from the manager to ensure continuity is maintained.  
  9. Proactive support. All dedicated staff are given access to secure monitoring tools which alert them to possible issues and ensure regular maintenance is carried out before it affects productivity.   
  10. Transparency and accountability. Turrito believes in building long term partnerships with you based on trust. We report on our wins and fails. Our 360-degree reporting is customised to your IT Environment. 
  11. An empowered Service Desk. Turrito’s technical staff have direct access to advanced priority support structures both in Turrito and our partners. 
  12. Turrito currently employs over 40 engineers, so the individual placed onsite is a part of a much larger support organisation where knowledge and skills are shared between engineers constantly on TEAMS groups dedicated to this. As urgent alerts hit our Network Operations Center, new MS updates are shared on verified forums and worldwide cyber security events occur, the engineers that share first gets bragging rights but everyone gains knowledge.  
  13. Flexibility. We closely work with our engineers to ensure they are always challenged and a good fit for the environment. Occasionally it becomes necessary to rotate out resources to keep them challenged. A challenged Engineer is a happy Engineer. 
  14. Certification is built into our DNA and our KPI’s and Turrito Engineers are regularly sent on training to achieve certification on new products and systems and a mandatory minimum of two major certifications is required per year. Turrito works hard to ensure we have a strong culture of skills and knowledge sharing through practical experience with on the job training too. 
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