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Detection and Remediation

Organisations put a lot of time and effort into their security, especially in this time of data protection. You put a lot of time and effort into your security. And yet, breaches and vulnerabilities still happen. The risks are constantly evolving and gaps in security appear without warning. People make mistakes, hackers get smarter, and the viruses and threat actors grow more advanced and intelligent. Businesses need a detection and remediation service from providers like Turrito.
There is so much pressure on your business when it comes to security.  
This is where Turrito steps in. We take the pressure off and turn the security on. Our detection and remediation service is designed to provide you with trusted support and advice, on-demand. If you experience a breach or suspect a potential breach, we ensure that protocol is followed and that the risk is minimised or mitigated. We’ll deep dive into the root cause of the incident and provide detailed reporting. We also provide you with the insights and tools you need to detect patterns and catch any unexpected vulnerabilities to minimize future risks. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) assure you of consistent and high-level threat detection and remediation capabilities that can be customised to suit your business and budget.
Detection and Remediation with Turrito delivers:
  • Best practice. Immediate support. Comprehensive and holistic detection and remediation services. We know what steps to take if you’re breached, how to minimise the damage, and how to reduce the risk of it happening again. It is critical to follow a specific process in the event of a breach, and we know the correct methodologies to ensure you are protected.
  • Market-leading insights and guidance. We help you manage passwords, process and protocol and to develop a truly robust cybersecurity posture.
  • A clearly defined security remediation roadmap that identifies how the hackers got in, and what needs to be done to minimise the damage.
  • Managed anti-virus support that consolidates your insights and your data to provide you with richly detailed reports into your security, activity and systems.
  • High-level visibility into your organisation that can transform how you manage, detect and contain your security.
  • A highly evolved NOC that constantly monitors and filters the data and that notifies you if something goes wrong.
  • Consolidated reporting, ongoing security management, holistic detection toolkits, and protocol-driven remediation services. We put your security first.
Find out how we can provide detection and remediation solutions that fit your business, and risk profile, with just one call
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