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Document Management

Document management has become a critical process for organisations that want to retain control over their information while encouraging collaboration and seamless information sharing.  It’s also essential thanks to the ease with which POPI or GDPR compliance follows a proper implementation.  The right system is fast, secure, accessible, and flexible. It needs to be agile enough to empower users, to give them the tools they need to share, manage, change and monitor documentation and information.  Organisations that work with clients and employees across multiple locations, countries and time zones can benefit significantly from a reliable and robust management system. 
Turrito has worked with numerous organisations to help them build document management systems that deliver to their very specific business needs. As an accredited Microsoft partner with long-standing expertise in creating agile and flexible document management systems, we know how to fully leverage the capabilities of platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Microsoft SharePoint is a market leader in document management processes for numerous reasons – it can be customised to suit specific business processes; it is compatible with numerous third-party toolkits that add extra layers of functionality; it is accessible on multiple devices and is fully mobile; it is compatible with Microsoft Office products for comprehensive integration; and it’s intelligent document management system saves time and money. 
The benefits you gain from the Turrito document management system are: 
  • Powerful levels of collaboration designed to exceptional standards, using the latest technology, toolkits and industry best practice. 
  • Secure layers wrapped around your information and content, ensuring it can only be accessed by specific users. 
  • Internal and external document collaboration tools that allow for seamless version control, information sharing, and security. The entire history of any one document, from inception to several years later, can be tracked and rolled back. 
  • Customisable features, notifications and document access controls for complete visibility and transparency. 
  • Exceptional information security that tracks document access, downloads and usage.  
Find out how we can transform your document management capabilities, systems and processes with just one phone call. 
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We can help you to create a document management system that’s aligned to your business and that hands you granular control over your digital content. This control not only ensures that information is up to date and accurate, but adds a much-needed layer of (auditable) compliance. With us, you are given the tools you need for video and chatcollaboration, document management and control that not only transform your business, but ensure you are compliant with global and local regulation. 
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