Managed Service Provider

Modern IT systems need almost constant attention. Not only because they’re relied on so heavily, and downtime can be catastrophic, but because they’re constantly changing in response to requirements. It’s no longer possible to simply ‘install and forget’. As a Managed Service Provider, Turrito is able to manage some or all of your IT systems in a way which suits your business and your budget. Turrito can propose, provide, configure and support every aspect of your IT from your desktops right through to the Cloud.
Turrito can also act as a fully outsourced IT department, an extension of your existing IT department, or provide permanent or project-based technical teams. By using best-in-class solutions, backed up by world-class support, Turrito can enhance your organizations IT and turn it into one of the most valuable and resilient parts of your business.
The advantages of using a Managed Service Provider are numerous:
  • Maximum uptime
  • Maximum resiliency
  • Proactive approach instead of reactive
  • Rapid resolution of IT issues when they occur
  • Quick and easy onboarding processes for new users
  • Constant data and information protection
  • Unlimited support for a fixed monthly fee
  • Better reporting, budgeting and forecasting
Talk to us about the right solutions and support for your business to give it the competitive edge.
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As a significant partner of Microsoft, Mimecast, Bitdefender, Fortigate, Meraki, Sonicwall, Acronis, Auvik, Zscaler and other industry-leading brands, we can deliver any number of powerful and agile managed solutions which suit your business.
We provide the following managed products:
  • Anti-virus (AV) – Endpoint security offering protection against viruses, malware, and other malicious software. A managed AV solution needs to be constantly updated and managed to keep up with today’s evolving threats 
  • Anti-spam – Stop spam and phishing permanently with our sophisticated mail filters 
  • Backups – Backups are only relevant if they contain the right data and can be restored.  Managed backups are tested and reported on constantly for the ultimate peace of mind 
  • Firewall as a Service – Just having a firewall is not good enough.  The threat landscape is constantly changing and a well-managed, monitored, and up-to-date Firewall is essential to ensure security 
  • Email – Email is no longer just a simple communication tool. Branding, filtering and archiving are all essential add-ons which need to be managed 
  • Disaster recovery – much more than just backup: when disaster strikes how long will it take you to return to full capacity? How much will this downtime cost you?  Can you recover completely?  A managed Disaster Recovery solution means you have answers to these questions and know that they’re adequate for your unique needs 
  • Connectivity – in this age of digital dependency your business needs robust and resilient connectivity at all times. Having one unmanaged and unguaranteed Internet connection is a recipe for downtime and loss of productivity.  Let us map out, set up and maintain a connectivity solution which is relevant and fits your budget 

Turrito has experienced specialists and dedicated teams for designing, implementing, managing and supporting any aspect of your IT.  Let Turrito turn your technology into an enabler and a competitive edge. 

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