Mobility Solutions

A modern and agile workforce is one of your greatest assets, with research showing that reliable telecommunications lead to far more productive environments. Our Mobility Solutions can help your business get there.
Turrito Networks can set up robust and flexible mobile solutions that instantly enable working remotely – from your sales team and operations to travelling executives and more.

Voice over IP has improved radically in the last 5 years.  Many businesses have already made the switch or are considering upgrading their traditional telephony to VoIP, primarily for the exceptional cost savings and flexibility offered by having the right solutions.  Those who use genuine business-quality VoIP enjoy a huge feature-set, flexibility and savings but more importantly – incredible call quality and availability.  There are numerous platforms, providers, hardware vendors and installers to choose from but the wrong decision can be extremely frustrating and costly.

Turrito has the experience to understand your business needs and budget and tailor a solution which not only works but excels at delivering quality voice to your business.  Moving to VoIP should not just be about saving money (which it will do) but improving call quality and adding powerful features and benefits to your business.  Adding IVR’s, recording, video conferencing and hunt-groups can be as easy as a phone call to our team, or the click of a mouse on our client portal.

For local businesses, the shift towards enterprise mobility is very positive and brings with it major opportunities for cost savings, increased productivity, heightened employee engagement and more. Business leaders should, therefore, be approaching enterprise mobility and BYOD with an open-minded and innovative outlook, while remaining attentive to the risks and taking a proactive approach to security in particular. The way in which businesses choose to handle enterprise mobility and the changing demands of an increasingly tech-savvy workforce will arguably play a major role in business growth – and ultimately, success or failure in a disruptive global market.

The widespread move towards enhanced enterprise mobility certainly leaves companies vulnerable to data leaks, theft of valuable intellectual property, employee negligence and malware. While companies can build systems to protect networks from outside threats, the greatest threat arguably always originates from within. This is particularly relevant when working with employees who handle sensitive information and who wield high-level/executive decision-making powers. Moreover, given the use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, it is now fairly easy for hackers to identify who these individuals are within any business – and then target attacks around their mobile devices and applications.

Yet if the security factor can be intelligently and actively managed, there are numerous advantages that come with embracing forms of BYOD.

Firstly, local businesses don’t necessarily have the resources to standardize around top tier hardware – especially when dealing with SMEs and startups. Yet with smartphones and other mobile devices, most employees already have their own – which saves companies from having to invest in such devices. Indeed, before the shift to BYOD, a company would have had to acquire the right hardware to ensure that their staff were on email and online around the clock. Now, most employees are voluntarily plugged in 24/7, using their own hardware – and thereby removing the capital expenditure requirements for employers.

Businessman working with a Cloud Computing diagram for Sd-wan