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Need to know if your Azure consumption is about to spike? Need network visibility across every point to see degradation or outages? How about pre-emptive testing of infrastructure or hardware to avoid sudden and unexpected downtime? There are separate tools to monitor all of these things, but do you have the time to configure them and manage them? Or the budget?
Turrito has the tools and the know-how. We ensure you’re always aware and always prepared. Our Monitoring solutions detect problems before they impact on productivity and client service, and give you insights in an easily digestible format.
The right Monitoring ensures IT just works.
Turrito provides three main types of Monitoring: LAN, WAN and Security. They’re bundled by default with Turrito Managed Services but also available as add-ons when required. Be prepared for visibility and insights you’ve probably never seen and will soon not be able to live without. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides these services as live, weekly or monthly reports to get ahead, stay in the game, and stay up at all times.
We also ensure that all the insights and information you get from our Monitoring is provided in an easily understood format yet with the capacity for advanced and more granular reporting services should you require them. We ensure that all the insights garnered from our NOC are handed to you in a format that makes sense, and gives you the right data to make informed choices.
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Monitoring and Reporting with Turrito delivers: 
  • In-depth reporting, managed security monitoring, and root cause analysis to ensure that you are always in the know when it comes to your network activities and risks. 
  • Absolute transparency into security incidents and activities, ensuring that your company reputation remains intact and your security protocols above board.  
  • Rich reporting insights and root cause analysis insights that allow the business to refine and adapt its security protocols on demand, ensuring that your business is prepared for uncertainty and risk. 
  • An agile and dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) that provides you with highly relevant information and security. 
  • A Security Operations Centre (SOC) led by security experts and trained professionals that ensure your systems and networks are secure and protected, and all incidents caught and reported. 
  • Security Information Management (SIM) that provides you with event log data from across multiple touchpoints and devices so you have comprehensive visibility.  
  • Market leading reporting tools and resources that provide you with detailed reporting and insights on demand. These can be fine-tuned and customised to meet your very unique and specific business requirements.  
  • Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) that ensures we tightly manage your endpoints, networks and systems to ensure that your business is protected and monitored to the highest standards. 
  • Tracking, device health, maintenance automation, reporting, network management and comprehensive support. 
  • Clear visibility into your network so you can optimise resources, manage infrastructure more efficiently, identify threats at speed, and streamline capabilities. 
Find out how we can provide monitoring and reporting solutions that fit your business, and your pocket.
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You need insights. You need visibility. You need granular oversight of your networks, your services, your support, your incidents, and your overall security posture. You need what we offer with our SOC, NOC, RMM and SIM services.

Our customised and consistent monitoring and reporting are essential to seamless IT performance.

Turrito offers you reliable and business-relevant Managed Services, reporting, root cause analysis and constant event monitoring solutions. These translate to actionable insights, rapid breach detection, in-depth reporting, and transparent management of security and network systems and services.

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