Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

As hackers around the globe launch increasingly sophisticated attacks, organizations are seeking tools that provide advance threat protection. Turrito is pleased to offer customers security capabilities in Microsoft Office 365 with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), an email filtering service that provides stronger protection against specific types of advanced threats.
ATP uses real-time machine learning to detect and protect your company’s inboxes against evolving security threats daily, putting the power of protection in your hands.
Office 365 ATP offers three core features to better secure your email:
  1. Safe Attachments, which protects against unknown malware and viruses
  2. Safe Links, which provides real-time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs
  3. Rich reporting and trace capabilities

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Safe Attachments with Advanced Threat Protection

Safe Attachments is designed to detect malicious attachments before anti-virus signatures are available and to provide better zero-day protection to safeguard your messaging system. All messages and attachments without a known virus/malware signature are routed to a special hypervisor environment, where a behavioural analysis is performed using a variety of machine-learning and analysis techniques to detect malicious intent. Safe Attachments then detonates attachments that are common carriers of malicious content, such as Office documents, PDFs, executable (EXE) files, and Flash files. If no suspicious activity is detected, the attachment is released for delivery to the mailbox.

Safe Links

Safe Link is a feature that helps prevent users from going to malicious websites when they click them in email. Attackers sometimes try to hide malicious URLs within seemingly safe links, redirecting users to unsafe sites through a forwarding service after the message has been received. The ATP Safe Links feature proactively protects your users if they click such a link. That protection remains every time they click the link, so malicious links are dynamically blocked while good links remain accessible.

Dynamic delivery of Safe Attachments

Dynamic Delivery eliminates email delays by sending the body of the email with a placeholder attachment, while the actual, suspicious attachment undergoes the Safe Attachments scan. Recipients can then read and respond to the message, having been notified that the original attachment is being analyzed. If the attachment is cleared, it replaces the placeholder; if not, the admin can filter out the unwanted and potentially malicious attachment.

URL Detonation

URL Detonation provides deeper protection against malicious URLs. Not only does ATP check a list of malicious URLs when a user clicks on a link, but Office 365 ATP will also perform real-time behavioural malware analysis in a sandbox environment against malicious attachments at destination URLs. For example, if an email includes a link to a Word document on a web server, the document is downloaded into our sandbox environment and detonated as if it were an attachment.

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