In 2015 Turrito Networks acquired Dial a Nerd to supplement their already comprehensive IT services.  Dial a Nerd had 20 years of IT support experience and a Business IT Support division which suited Turrito customers perfectly.  Dial a Nerds Business division now successfully supports the LAN environments of many Turrito customers and their services go hand in hand with Turrito’s Cloud and Connectivity solutions.

Microsoft Office 365 solutions can take your business to the next level by improving your productivity and giving you access to solutions and new ways of doing things that your competitors might not have.

With Office solutions, your software is continually updated behind the scenes so you are always using the latest version. All your employees have mobile access to the latest Office apps and collaboration is a breeze with all the new features that Microsoft developed.

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Some of the features of Office 365 include:

  • Microsoft Office applications can be accessed via mobile devices and are automatically updated;
  • Access to advanced email functionality, such as mail hosting and the ability to share calendars with your contacts;
  • The ability to host a conference or group call where you can share screens and take notes in real time;
  • File sharing features that allow more than one user to work on a project or document;
  • Free Web site setup and no hosting fees; and
  • Advanced security features and settings.