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On Demand IT Support

Turrito offers multiple IT support options for businesses in South Africa. At its most basic; this is delivered in three ways. The first is a Dedicated Service Desk which is made up of onsite resources located within the client environment. The second is a fully outsourced and remote Unlimited Technology Support contract where all users have unlimited access to the service desk to resolve their issues immediately. Lastly, and what is explained in more detail on the right and below, is what we call On-Demand Support which is a bundle of pre-paid hours and is primarily for our clients that have a fully functional IT department, but occasionally require some help with projects or a rapid response team to assist when short-staffed.  
Our Service Desk, when contracted to provide “On Demand” hours will provide you with IT support when you need it. Our team will work fast to solve any IT issues, with the aim of restoring your business back to normal as quickly as possible. Our analysts take ownership of your call and will stay with you until your issue is solved. 
Benefits of On Demand IT Support:  
  • Immediate remote assistance from professional engineers that know your environment & keep encrypted and protected records of blueprints and systems architecture to reduce support time 
  • Ability to manage your monthly hours 
  • Supplement your existing IT team 
  • No monitoring tools or software running in your environment 
  • Hourly cost reduced when in contract 
  • Record keeping – no more “what’s your password, where are your servers hosted?” 
  • Hours ‘roll over’ for a period of 2 months  
  • Reactive  
  • Onsite requirements subject to availability of resources 
  • Additional time spent on understanding the problem at hand; IE some diagnostic delays in the event of a disaster 
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All our engineers are what the industry refers to as “Tier Three” quality and not your standard call-centre type who use call scripts, so regardless of your IT issue we can assist you from your very first call. Having access to the service desk (that is contractually mandated) will reduce the risk of business downtime and ensure your existing IT department is fully backed up in the event of disaster or project requirement. 

The Service Desk is the window into IT Services. When things go wrong on the Service Desk, the organisation’s perception of value to the business that the IT department delivers can suffer and, more importantly, the reputation of the people managing IT Services will also suffer. It is of critical importance to any IT professional to ensure that redundancy is in place to handle any disaster when it happens. 

The Turrito Service Desk builds on our record of accomplishment in Service Management to deliver exceptional skills and customer service for our national customers underpinned by global leading technologies and guaranteed data and voice network availability. 

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