Workplace productivity isn’t defined by people looking busy. A productive organisation isn’t defined by how many heads sit bowed at desks. True productivity is an invaluable asset that allows the business to realise its potential and embed sustainable growth.
It also used to be hard to define and manage. Not anymore…
Today, thanks to an explosion in productivity tools, systems and solutions, your organisation can transform efficiencies and refine productivity in the right ways. These tools enable productivity on a measurable scale – categorising output in ways that the organisation understands and providing the insights needed to reshape your process, systems, and engagement with customers and internal stakeholders. They can be used to embed key performance indicators (KPIs) into specific roles so that targets can be correctly defined, and met. They can also be used to gain insight into critical functions such as finance and HR, creating measurable expectations that improve efficiencies.
Turrito Networks has collaborated with leading organisations throughout SA, helping them to unpack the value of productivity within the business, through the use of market-leading tools and technologies. We can help you discover where the workplace inefficiencies lie, and help you to refine your outcomes and targets intelligently. With us, you can create any workforce you want, from a flexible and geographically diverse workforce to scalable on-site employees in an office. Both delivering vastly improved results.
With the Turrito stable of productivity solutions you gain:
  • Engaged and productive employees that meet clearly defined KPIs that are relevant to their roles and responsibilities.
  • A tried and tested productivity suite of solutions that have been implemented at Turrito and that a happy, engaged, and committed workforce use daily.
  • Digital tools that are designed to optimise productivity, to transform inefficiencies, and to provide the business with tangible insights that can be used intelligently.
  • A real world understanding of how these technologies can be used to transform your business and engage your workforce, today and in the future.
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