Protect and Prevent

Most companies know that it’s critical to have protection and prevention systems in place. Cybercrime continues to ratchet up the statistics and the risks. Vulnerabilities continue to pop up unexpectedly, no matter how careful companies can be. This is why it’s important to work with a partner who understands exactly what you need to protect your systems and prevent your business from unnecessary risk.
The tools that have been developed to protect your business are constantly evolving. They are your ticket to the business game in this age of data protection and compliance – the golden entry to secure transactions, trusted customer interactions, and POPI or GDPR compliance. They are worth the spend. Worth the investment. They prevent your business from the expensive costs in reputation and money if you’re hacked, if your systems fail, or there’s a data breach.
Fortunately, you don’t have to wade through thousands of options, reviews, or read about the hundreds of actual and/or perceived benefits and value-adds. Turrito can help you plan, price and embed a robust protect-and-prevent strategy, with the right strategy for maintaining it in the future.
Cybersecurity with Turrito means much more than just having a firewall and up-to-date Anti-virus. It means:
  • Choosing the right products for your business. We know our multi-factor authentication from our anti-virus, our managed firewalls from our endpoint protection, and why geofencing is important. We know which solutions will fit your protect and prevent requirements and we can configure them correctly so you get your money’s worth.
  • Configuring market-leading and business-relevant solutions to ensure that the protection you receive is advanced enough for your needs and efficient enough for your budget. It’s easy to configure a system incorrectly, and this can open your business up to risk. We remove that risk with long-term expertise and tested security skills.
  • Planning a holistic security solution that demystifies and simplifies. One of the biggest challenges is trying to understand how your solution will fit into your business. Does your firewall prioritize VoIP traffic? Do you know what your Mimecast platform has to take into account to minimise disruption? Will geofencing work at every office? Turrito has the answers.
  • Taking full advantage of proactive tools, many of which are included in systems you already have. With detailed and live reporting and alerts.
  • Locking down access (with a special focus on data protection laws), pinpointing attack vectors and unpacking vulnerabilities with a robust strategy and associated policies and procedures
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