Unlimited IT Support

Your IT and Telecoms are investments which should empower your business to grow and thrive.  And like any investments, these ones need constant attention to maximise their value.  Traditionally the support of any IT systems were delivered on a time and materials basis.  You would ‘buy’ hours, often linked to a Service Level Agreement (SLA), and your IT support partner would consume them to keep your systems up and running.   However, this model of support has a huge problem:  it suits an IT support company when things go wrong.  
A second problem with traditional IT support is the lack of continuity and highly variable billing. This makes budgeting and forecasting almost impossible and can cause the dreaded ‘bill shock’ at the end of a month.
The third problem with time-based IT Support is that it’s almost entirely reactive. Your IT company is waiting for something to go wrong and for you to call. Only once the problem has occurred, and been noticed and reported does the repair start, and this may be too late.
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Turrito doesn’t believe in this approach and has created Unlimited IT Support SLA’s which turn the tables on traditional IT Support.  With an Unlimited IT Support agreement in place, the invoice at the month is always identical.  It, therefore, doesn’t suit Turrito when things go wrong and as a result, Turrito puts a huge effort into being proactive with every element of your IT systems.  When something goes wrong in this scenario your business requirements and Turritos align.  It doesn’t suit anyone. 

By using globally recognized Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools Turrito can monitor your systems and fix problems before they occur.  These proactive maintenance services, which also include patching, upgrading, and reporting, are performed by the Network Operations Centre (NOC) that runs 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  The Turrito NOC does all its work invisibly in the background and its sole objective is preventing problems from occurring.  This reduces the need for time-consuming repairs and has a massively positive impact on business continuity. 

If you’ve made investments in IT and Telecoms, and need them to deliver 24/7, then you need a Turrito Unlimited IT Support Agreement. 

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