Voice over IP, especially for businesses, has improved radically in the last 5 years.  Many businesses have already made the switch or are considering upgrading the type of VoIP they use or their provider.  Those who use genuine Business-quality VoIP enjoy a huge feature-set, flexibility and savings but more importantly – incredible call quality with no dropped calls.  There are numerous platforms, providers, hardware vendors and installers to choose from but the wrong decision can be extremely frustrating and costly.

Turrito has the experience to understand your business needs and budget and tailor a solution which not only works, but excels.  Moving to VoIP should not just be about saving money (which it will do) but improving call quality and features.  Adding IVR’s, recording, video conferencing and more can be as easy as a phone call or an email followed by almost immediate action. 

We understand how important communication is to a business and as a result take our VoIP solutions extremely seriously.  It gives us huge satisfaction to move a customer onto our systems and get the positive feedback which inevitably follows.  Too many businesses view their telephony as frustrating, tricky to use, bad quality or expensive!

Please get in touch if you are looking to change your VoIP provider or are considering it for the first time.  We’d love to discuss and are happy to provide references too.