In 2015 Turrito Networks acquired Dial a Nerd to supplement their already comprehensive IT services.  Dial a Nerd had 20 years of IT support experience and a Business IT Support division which suited Turrito customers perfectly.  Dial a Nerds Business division now successfully supports the LAN environments of many Turrito customers and their services go hand in hand with Turrito’s Cloud and Connectivity solutions.

Chances are that if it has not happened already, your organisation will experience a breach in its security in the foreseeable future. It is no longer good enough to install an anti-virus or internet security solution once a year and hope for the best.

Turrito provides a fully managed security offering design to provide the most effective defensive measures against cyber threats. From managed anti-malware, anti-spam, to backups, we offer a customisable approach based on your unique requirements.

To find out which anti-virus and security solutions are the best fit for your organisation, give us a call today.


We provide the following managed services:

  • Anti-virus – Desktop security features offers protection against viruses, malware, and other malicious software;
  • Anti-spam – Say goodbye to those Nigerian heir emails and other spam with our sophisticated filters; and
  • Backups – Backup all your important data and ensure you can access everything you need following a system failure, computer damage, or a break-in.