Cloud PABX

Cloud PABX is an essential replacement for traditional and expensive onsite PABX systems. Cloud-based PABX / Hosted PABX removes the need for onsite PABX equipment that is expensive, cumbersome and complex to manage. All the licensing, configuration, updates, management and support of the platform are included in the monthly subscription fee, a per user basis. This means you can scale your telephony requirements to suit the size of your business, rather than over-investing or under-investing in onsite equipment, which reaches end-of-life in a matter of years. Cloud-based solutions are always updated, always managed, and never end-of-life. 
All the powerful tools used in traditional PABX systems are available, including call hold, auto attendant, call groups etc. Calls are routed over our VoIP platforms, delivering substantial savings in call costs, and new users can simply register and begin using the platforms from a desk phone or soft client on their mobile devices.   
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