Cyber Security

The cyber security threat is here to stay. Phishing, whaling, fraud, hacking – these terms are part of the corporate lexicon now, and they have to be taken seriously to ensure that companies remain secure and compliant with growing local and international legislation. Criminal organisations are so successful at making money from your money that they are getting smarter, faster, better and more agile. It’s a battle. 

A battle you never asked for, and don’t want to be in. 

You want to focus on your business or organization. On what makes you money, grows your brand or serves your customers. Cybersecurity is not your core focus, and shouldn’t be. However, it’built into everything we doTurrito understands exactly what the cyber threat landscape looks like. We know what methods are used by bad actors to gain access to your systems and put your data and business at risk. We know how to identify a hack, when to raise the security alarm, and why your system may not be working. With our managed security services, we can protect you across every touchpoint and endpoint. Our managed security services are designed to tightly manage your firewalls, data security, training, internal system measures, and your network. With us, you gain a holistic cybersecurity solution that’s always up to date, on guard, and prepared.  We ensure that your security is comprehensive, transparent and aligned with the regulatory controls outlined by legislation such as the Protection of Personal Information and the General Data Protection Regulation 

Turrito has a portfolio of customisable security solutions that can be carefully curated to fit within your business model, market and budget. With us, you do you, and we do security.  Working with Turrito to manage your security assures you of: 
  • Visibility into your threat landscape and vulnerabilities 
  • Robust digital protection tools designed to tightly control and manage your cybersecurity posture 
  • Up to date, reliable and robust security systems that are designed to keep your company a step ahead of the threats 
  • Firewalls, data security, anti-virus, endpoint protection, geofencing, multi-factor authentication, password management, and so much more 
  • A carefully considered and holistic solution that takes your unique business needs into consideration  
  • Intelligent cybersecurity support, insight and advice that keeps you on the front foot, not worrying about threats entering the back door 
  • A trusted partner that understands security, the threat landscape, and what your business needs to stay secure 
Talk to us and find out how your cybersecurity concerns can be turned into proactive systems, with lots of additional benefits, that suit your needs and budget. 
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Concerns over cyber security are growing globally, fueled by reports of ever-larger data breaches and a lack of skilled security professionals. Unfortunately, South African businesses are being targeted aggressively and the trend is getting worse, not better. Turrito sees attempted attacks or breaches on a daily basis and therefore builds security into all its solutions.

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For an eye-opening view into the current cyber-threat landscape, click here and download the latest Microsoft Digital Defense Report. This detailed report illustrates how quickly fraudsters adapted, and continue to adapt, their techniques to take advantage of COVID.