Cyber Security

An unfortunate reality today is that every business faces a very high risk ofcyber attack or some sort of data breach Most businesses have some level of protection, like anti-virus and a firewall, but the attack vectors, types of malware, methods of entry and vulnerabilities are changing constantly and these tools are no longer good enough.  Especially in the post-COVID work-from-home environment.  

Keeping ahead of these risks is a full-time jobwith the right tools, and takes constant attention. 

Managing this risk doesn’t have to be costly and overwhelming though.  Turrito utilizes a broad spectrum of the most advanced and recognized global cyber security solutions and will choose the right ones for your budget and specific needs.  Turrito will also manage, monitor and report on them so you have peace of mind.   

There is no one-size-fits-all approach: every business and its network are different and it takes skilled and experienced professionals to assess the requirements and deploy the right solutions.  

We’ll ensure your network is not only safe from external attacks, but also the far more common internal breaches.  

Turrito provides the following cyber security services amongst others: 
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing 
  • Mimecast Threat Protection 
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection 
  • Managed best-in-class firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention solutions 
  • Managed anti-virus and endpoint security 
  • Anti-malware
  • Encryption 
  • Email filtering  
  • Data security and compliance solutions 
  • Browsing controls, filtering and reporting 
  • Installation of all class-leading software and hardware-based security products 
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Concerns over cyber security are growing globally, fueled by reports of ever-larger data breaches and a lack of skilled security professionals.  Unfortunately, South African businesses are being targeted aggressively and the trend is getting worse, not better.  Turrito sees attempted attacks or breaches on a daily basis and therefore builds security into all of its solutions.   

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