Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the ability to sustain your critical business operations during a disaster, and recover completely after the disaster.
Whether you’re running a large corporate network responsible for massive transactions and sensitive client data, or a mid-market business working with day-to-day financial information, you need more than just good backups.
In the event of a disaster, be it theft, malicious destruction, fire or flood, your business should be capable of maintaining normal operations during the disaster and recovering fully shortly after.

Speak to us about your DR requirements… with hosting and infrastructure in over 22 datacentres around the country, there is no better provider to keep your business alive and growing.

May you live in interesting times, which we do, so make sure you have a disaster recovery plan in place…  

The lights are out and you’ve just lost the connection to your server, the internet and most importantly access to your customers, your data and the software that operates your business. What do you do? From power failures to automated cybercrime in a tough economy, every modern business faces many threats daily. Disasters are commonplace in the IT industry and solutions are built, implemented and supported to mitigate risks to businesses and end-users.

Threat Detection - Turrito Networks

Not only is a disaster recovery plan necessary because of the new POPIA laws that are soon to be enforced, but it is also just good business management, and far too often small businesses only dedicate the time and resources to a plan after they have had a disaster that has cost them their intellectual property, their data or valuable revenue into their businessesCybercrime is one of the most dangerous and prolific threats facing businesses today, with ransomware attacks, in particular, proving to be a highly effective revenue-generating tool for cybercriminals and nation-states alikeFor the last 3 yearsransomware has dominated the cybersecurity landscape, with businesseslarge andsmallpaying millions of dollars to unlock encrypted files.  In the local context, Turrito’s most common IT disaster with non-contracted (ad-hoc) customers in 2020 was Ransomware related. These are businesses that are not dedicating the time to understanding the threat posed by simple emails being opened by staff members.