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Migrating from an on-premise SharePoint environment to SharePoint Online can be a daunting task, especially for companies that have been using the platform for decades. That was the challenge faced by a forestry company that had been relying on SharePoint on-premise to manage its documents and data related to its operations. However, the company faced challenges in terms of accessibility and mobility, as its employees needed to access their files from various locations and devices.

Realizing that moving to SharePoint Online could offer a solution to its challenges, the forestry company sought the help of Turrito, a leading IT company that provides cloud computing and managed services. Turrito’s team worked closely with the forestry company’s IT department to understand its requirements and assess its existing SharePoint setup. After a detailed analysis, Turrito proposed a phased migration plan that involved moving the company’s SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online.

Turrito began the migration process by setting up the SharePoint Online environment and configuring it to meet the forestry company’s requirements. The company’s data and documents were then migrated to SharePoint Online, with Turrito ensuring that all the metadata, security settings, and permissions were preserved. Turrito also provided training to the forestry company’s staff on how to use the new SharePoint Online environment effectively.

The move to SharePoint Online had a significant impact on the forestry company’s productivity, efficiency, and cost savings. Its employees could access their documents and data from anywhere, and the platform was more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Collaboration became more efficient, and employees could work on projects remotely, saving time and resources.

The forestry company continued to work with Turrito to maintain and support its SharePoint Online environment, ensuring that it remained secure, up-to-date, and optimized for its business needs. This allowed the company to focus on its core business activities while Turrito handled the IT infrastructure and support.

In conclusion, the forestry company’s decision to migrate to SharePoint Online with the help of Turrito was a wise one. The move helped the company overcome its challenges with accessibility and mobility, and it saw significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and cost savings. Turrito’s expertise and support throughout the migration process were critical to the success of the project, and the forestry company continues to rely on Turrito for its IT needs. For companies facing similar challenges, engaging with a reliable technology partner like Turrito could be the solution they need.

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