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Issues with DIY SIEM Management

By 27th May 2022Security

In this blog, we’re going to be discussing the issues that come with DIY SIEM management. SIEM solutions are crucial when it comes to cybersecurity, but a lot of times, companies don’t take into account how much time and resources go into effective SIEM management; cybersecurity companies exist for a reason, and if you don’t let a trusted Technology Solutions Provider like us here at Turrito manage your SIEM system, you’re going to see your company falling behind when it comes to maintaining your online security.

So, what’s the big deal? Surely, your company can figure out how to manage their own SIEM system, right? Well, here is why DIY SIEM management hardly ever works and why cybersecurity companies are essential when it comes to SIEM system management.

High Costs

SIEM systems are complicated, and if a company attempts to roll out a SIEM system and have their in-house IT manage it, they’ll quickly find out that it takes SIEM experts to properly run a system such as this. Now, on top of paying their current IT staff, the company will have to hire said SIEM experts, which is something that can negatively affect a budget.

Never Ending False Positives

Let’s say that this organization didn’t have the budget to hire experienced staff to manage their SIEM system and decided to train their current team to do so. First, they’re still going to be spending money to train their staff, and secondly, they’ll see that they’re going to be running low on resources in terms of staff, as they’ll now be in charge of their current jobs as well as managing the SIEM system.

On top of that, false positives will begin to overwhelm your staff, and since they aren’t an experienced SIEM staff, they might miss actual threats while attempting to deal with the false positives, which is bad news for your system’s security.

Limited SIEM Expert Teams

As mentioned above, you’re going to want to employ SIEM experts to handle your SIEM system if you can afford it. However, even organizations that can afford to employ a full-on team of SIEM experts will find that there are limited staff available; even if you do manage to find an experienced SIEM team, you’ll find that you’ll be paying top-dollar, and most teams leave after six to nine months to find better opportunities. With a 3.5 million shortfall in cybersecurity personnel by 2020, these teams will become even more limited.

As you can see, DIY SIEM management is risky, expensive and overall has more downsides than anything.

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