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Q and A with Brian Timperley: Cross Cloud

By 21st April 2020March 23rd, 2022Cloud
Cross Cloud Turrito Networks

What is cross Cloud and why should businesses be taking note?

Cross-Cloud is not a term commonly used within the industry or with customers but effectively means an environment which spans both public and private Cloud.

Many businesses are under the impression that to move to the Cloud they need to move everything at once or all to one location.  This is not true and often sets the decision-making process back.

The idea of Hybrid-Cloud or Cross-Cloud is that businesses can slowly make that migration or they can start with the most important aspect and follow through with the rest when it suits them. They could also keep some data locally or some internationally and have one system acting as an interface.  There is no question that Cloud computing can work for (and improve) every modern business and there are many strategies to take advantage.

Is the South African  market ready for this and how do we compare to the rest of the world in this space

The South African market is ready for Cross-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud or just plain Cloud!  Adoption in comparison to the rest of the world is leading in various ways. Many overseas businesses may have adopted early, untried, Cloud strategies and South African companies can learn from the mistakes and leapfrog straight to tried and tested solutions.

Transforming enterprise security how can Cross-Cloud help?

When we talk about enterprise security we create the notion that enterprises have higher requirements for security yet any and every business must have a robust level of security.

Cross-Cloud can create environments with multiple layers of authentication and separation of applications and data.  This makes it much more difficult to a) penetrate and b) harvest usable data.

What impact will public Cloud have on the enterprise of the future?

Public Cloud removes the big and the small, the cheap and expensive, and just provides a platform that is secure and is relevant for any business whether you’re an enterprise, SME or individual. For businesses of all sizes, the Cloud will have a significant impact in many ways.  Why buy and own a small server which you need to maintain when you can rent a portion of a massive server being looked after a company like Google or Microsoft?  Cloud services are available now and can be consumed from any part of the world as long as your connectivity is robust.


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