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The 7 benefits of Redstor’s backup for Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

By 7th June 2021Security

Reaping the rewards of deploying Microsoft-aligned protection of clusters in Azure.

IDC predicts that 80% of workloads will be created using containers and microservices by 2024.

In the race to gain business agility, Kubernetes has emerged as the standard industry tool for deploying, managing and scaling modern, containerised applications.

But for many organisations with a mixed IT estate, cloud adoption’s cost and operational challenges are very real.

Users cite a lack of skills and complexity as big challenges in adopting containerised environments and difficulties with recovering fully stateful applications in the event of:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Ransomware
  • Misconfiguration
  • Upgrade errors
  • Software failures and corruption

From protecting VMs, Kubernetes Clusters and M365 through a single webbased control centre for low overheads to a simple and quick restore within a cluster, here we outline the seven main benefits in deploying Redstor’s Kubernetes (AKS) Backup:

Mirroring the simplicity of Azure

Redstor offers a service that mirrors the simplicity of Azure with an integrated, improved backup experience and low management overheads. Deployment and ongoing management is simple and requires no scripting, a process that is often complex and highly prone to error. Minimal training is needed and the service provides an informative view of your data estate.

Simple SaaS subscription pricing

There are no complex licensing models.

Redstor calculates charges based on the number of active nodes at any given backup time, so you can budget confidently with transparent and predictable pricing.

With Redstor, there’s no bolting together of multiple solutions.

Just a single, simple-to-manage, Microsoftaligned solution to protect VMs, Kubernetes clusters and Microsoft 365 – and a simple pricing structure.

Zero upfront investment

No third-party storage set-ups or storage is required as Redstor uses the existing Azure infrastructure. There’s no upfront professional service costs and no management fees. Just deploy and auto-scale the protection you need in minutes. We simplify your data management challenges with policy-driven automation and sophisticated reporting.

A simple user experience, no technical expertise required

Redstor’s solution is fully aligned with Microsoft and constantly improving. There’s no grappling with complex scripts that can easily be entered incorrectly. Although, it takes some time and expertise to set up Kubernetes itself, you do not have to be a highly technical IT admin to set up Redstor’s Kubernetes (AKS) backup.

With Redstor, you can back up application configurations and recover applications quickly, without resorting to manually reconstructing all Kubernetes objects. Our service eliminates the delays associated with backing up entire virtual machines and avoids the need to rebuild existing applications during restores.

Automatic updates without redeployment

Redstor’s AKS backup avoids the need to set up alerts and monitoring and any requirement to manage permissions and rights. Our service updates and scales automatically.

Manage your Kubernetes environment easily, using a single, control centre – anywhere and on using a single, control centre – anywhere and on any device. As well as providing security and managing backup policies on all your clusters, Redstor AKS backup avoids the manual burden of assembling and maintaining an unwieldy and time-consuming cluster-granular solution.

Turbo-charge deployment

Purpose-built for Microsoft cloud users, Redstor is designed for quick, deployment by utilising existing technology investment in Azure to deliver application and data protection for Kubernetes.

With set-up times taking less than 15 minutes and intelligent automation, Redstor simplifies onboarding and minimises ongoing management overhead.

Our technology is simple and easily accessible to regular IT admins as well as being DevOps friendly.

There’s no waiting for vendor support to assist with configuration changes or errors.

Redstor’s powerful, self-service portal eliminates vendor bottlenecks – leaving you free to deploy, manage and scale protection quickly and easily (24/7 support remains on hand if required).

It’s simply a case of granting Azure authentication and adding a cluster to make it available for backup and recovery.

Restore backups within your own Azure cluster

Inject data back into an existing cluster in the event of an issue and benefit from application mobility.

Recover applications quickly, without resorting to reconstructing all your Kubernetes objects manually. It is as easy as redeploying your pods.

Just select the backup you want to restore from, create a name for the restore and start the recovery. It’s as simple as that.

Deliver centralised management of data without circumventing Microsoft security and auditing. Data is always available and you can track and monitor all user activity across the cloud-tocloud platform as well as easily evidencing restores.

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