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Turrito Networks, a network-agnostic connectivity services provider, reports a South African expansion has secured a diverse array of new customers that span several industries in South Africa since the start of 2017.

Turrito Networks’ expansion has lead to strong partnerships with clients across six major verticals: manufacturing, mining, retail, automotive, logistics and pharmaceuticals.

“The customers we have secured understand both the importance of robust connectivity as well as the value of the services we provide,” explains Brian Timperley, MD and co-founder of Turrito Networks. “The beauty of our offering is its breadth and our ability to customise the services we deliver.”

“By strategically aggregating the services of selected providers, we can deliver seamless IT solutions to businesses of all sizes and across sectors, regardless of whether they sit within the private or public sector. This has allowed us to win new customers in a very difficult macroeconomic environment.”

According to Timperley, the Turrito operational approach makes the provider a particularly good fit for businesses that need rapid solutions to IT challenges. While the company has strong systems and processes in place to boost efficiency, he notes that the company is focused on being highly responsive to customer needs — which sometimes requires ‘bucking’ certain processes. This has attracted customers who are in some respects ‘ignored’ by the bigger name IT service providers.

“Operationally, we are extremely agile,” says Timperley. “We don’t own a network, and we can cut through the red tape with providers to make sure that services are delivered both seamlessly and efficiently. We are constantly stress-testing our systems and revising them, and the mid-market sector is particularly appreciative of — and responsive to – this agile approach.”
Arguably, for most of the smaller to medium-sized businesses that aren’t served by the big-name IT providers, one of the major challenges is choosing an IT solution that is both reliable and affordable.

Often, these businesses choose consumer-grade products that are cheaper, but they inevitably run into problems such as poor connectivity and limited customer service. On the other hand, many businesses pay huge premiums to the larger IT providers and receive services that are not at all matched to their specific business needs.

“We are particularly suited to serving customers in the mid-market sector because we can provide a highly tailored, and affordable connectivity solution,” adds Timperley.

“Given that these businesses are arguably the growth engine of the local economy, it is critical that they receive first-class, highly reliable IT solutions. We look forward to continued growth across verticals in the coming year.¨

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