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SD-WAN is the current cool kid when it comes to networking. Chances are if you work in IT, you’ve had a conversation about the technology. According to Gartner, by the end of this year, 40% of WAN infrastructure will be based on SD-WAN. So what do you need to deploy SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is an affordable solution to inter-branch connectivity. Using cloud technology, SD-WAN:

  • Combines network links of one location into a single pool of capacity for all applications and services
  • Can customize the allocation of bandwidth
  • Has the ability to manage policies without having to physically be at the location

There are 3 ways you can deploy SD-WAN in your network: SD-WAN only over the Internet, a mixture of SD-WAN and MPLS, or a global SD-WAN utilizing a private cloud.

Internet-based SD-WANs reduce cost and complexity for interbranch companies. They also provide better application control. This is ideal for businesses with multiple branches in one geographical region, but not so ideal for global companies due to latency issues. To fix this you would use an integrated solution within a private network that has redundancy built-in. This saves costs in comparison to having MPLS links.

If all your branches are in a similar location with great connectivity, then Internet-based SD-WAN will work wonders for your business. However, with having the Internet as your backbone, you can’t address application performance issues. To solve this you can utilize a private network to address data and application performance. This also provides better security and reliable connectivity, if you have a Service Level Agreement.

If the majority of your applications are on-premises, Internet-based SD-WAN can assist you with your connectivity. However, if your applications are cloud-based, like Office 365 and Pastel, then this solution will not be feasible. Accessing these applications over a congested, public Internet can be unreliable. SD-WAN solutions built on a private cloud are the solution to this problem.

SD-WAN can make it easier and more cost-effective to run your business, the trick is understanding your network, location and security requirements. The way you want to manage your network is key to your decision.

If you want to migrate to SD-WAN technology contact Turrito to assist you in making the right decision for your connectivity needs.

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