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Take your modern workplace to new heights with the Microsoft Surface Range

By 21st January 2021December 11th, 2023Cloud
Microsoft Surface

We are proud to announce that we are now offering the new advanced Microsoft Surface range.

The modern workplace is adopting the latest and innovative devices and software to ensure an efficient, effective, and productive remote working environment for employees. Having the latest software is great but coupling that with advanced devices is even better.

It is now time to give you the experience you would love, the protection you demand, and the flexibility to work in a way that best suits you and your team.

The Microsoft 365 and Surface device range is a great example of the perfect duo.

According to research by Forrester, Microsoft 365 and Surface devices provide users with up to 5 hours in weekly productivity gains with up to 9 hours saved per week. In addition, 75% of the research respondents agreed their employees were satisfied with how well the Microsoft 365 and the Surface device range work together.

The Surface range makes it extremely easy to work in Microsoft productivity apps. With a Surface pen, which is a key feature you can also write down ideas or highlight text directly into documents and presentations.

Some other Surface key features include a hi-res touch screen, HD camera, build-in security, flexibility, lightweight, elegant designs, and extraordinary accessories.

Microsoft 365 and the Surface range guarantee to deliver experience employees will love, the data protection any organization demands and the flexibility for teams to work the best way that suits them, it is simply a must-have for any organization.

Have you set up the Surface and Microsoft 365 ecosystem yet? Here are some features you can look forward to:

Microsoft Surface  Surface Laptop Go  


A thin, light 12.4” laptop to power your essential experiences. 


Microsoft Surface Surface Pro 7 


Ultra-light and versatile, Intel® Core™ processor, improved battery and graphics, and more multitasking connections. 

Microsoft Surface Surface Laptop 3 


This is the perfect everyday laptop for you, now available in two sizes: 13.5” and 15”. 


Surface Pro X 


If you live and work in the cloud, Surface Pro X was designed for you, with blazing-fast speed, support, and choice of Microsoft SQ® 1 and new Microsoft SQ® 2 processors. Surface Pro X was designed for what you do. 

Contact us to find the right Surface solution for you and your team.

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