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Archiving from Redstor

By 16th November 2021Security
As information is continually captured and stored, primary storage solutions quickly reach capacity, meaning more investment is needed. This unanticipated investment in additional hardware is typically capital expenditure and can cause significant budgetary pressures.
The situation can be exacerbated if a business subsequently needs to scale back for any reason. Add to this, the ever-growing need for increased data security and 24/7/365 data access, and it’s clear that archiving data to physical media, transporting that media offsite and storing it for long periods in a dusty vault, is no longer fit for purpose.

Cut management costs and liberate your IT team.

Redstor delivers simple-to-manage, highly scalable, long-term cloud archiving-as-a-service.

No more archive headaches, or stretched IT staff – just simple, efficient, and immediate archive access for your workforce and the systems they rely on. 

Is your archived data available instantly?

The time has come to ditch legacy technologies such as magnetic tape and expensive, clunky archiving solutions and swap them for simple, scalable, and instantly accessible cloud archiving.

When you archive files of any size (including databases) with Redstor, a tiny stub file is left behind on primary storage. This stub represents the original data but consumes almost zero disk space. When one of these stubs is opened by a user or application, InstantData™ rehydrates the portion of the file that is accessed, serving the file or database up immediately, on demand, and effortlessly to the user or application.

Important to note, the local copy is only replaced with a stub once the file has been error-checked and confirmed as existing offsite in multiple, secure Redstor data centres, guaranteeing data security. So now, instead of submitting IT tickets or sending a member of staff to access data stored on magnetic tapes (yes, all of them!) users simply click the file they want and continue working seamlessly 24/7/365.

We can help you radically reduce the threat posed by malware and minimise the potential for data breaches, whilst making downtime a thing of the past. With Redstor, you can quickly and easily restore data to its original location or a new location of your choice. And, you can complete ad-hoc file recoveries or full system restores at any time and as often as required, at no additional charge. We ensure your data is always available, instantly.

The days of high storage costs, siloed data and difficult data access are over. Every day we help more than 40,000 customers around the world simplify the task of backing up critical business data and systems. Our pioneering data management solution offers rapid data restoration and enables organisations to easily meet Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives to ensure their business is ‘always-on’.

See the future of data management. Now.

Discover how much primary storage space you can free up by offloading rarely accessed data to the cloud

Access your archived data instantly

Speed – Set up and scale fast – what may have taken days in the past, will now take hours. No hardware, no upfront professional services costs, no management overhead, no complex licensing models.

Control – A powerful, self-service portal eliminates bottlenecks, leaving you free to deploy, manage and scale archiving quickly and easily (24/7 support remains on hand if required).

Value – Unify your data management. With an all-in-one offering and competitive pricing, Redstor offers best value for money in the marketplace. When you pay for backup and recovery, you get archiving included in the price.

Simplify – If you decide to protect Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 data too, Redstor is the single place to view and manage cloud and on-prem data, saving on time and operational overheads.

Free up capacity and sweat existing assets for longer 

Extend the life of your expensive hardware assets and delay purchasing more primary storage to cope with your data growth.

Eliminate the need for user training

There is no need for end-user training because the user experience remains completely unchanged. Archiving is centrally managed via policies created by your IT team.

Eliminate delays in access to archived data

Hosted in Redstor’s secure data centres, your archived data can be streamed instantly and on demand from the cloud using our InstantData™ technology.

Improve archiving durability and reliability

Redstor archiving ensures copies of your data are held offsite in multiple locations, and the service is fully automated with audit trails and reporting included.

Minimise archiving management overheads

Redstor archiving technology overcomes the challenge posed by ROT (redundant, obsolete or trivial) data by fully automating the archiving process, whilst ensuring that the user experience remains unchanged.

Liberate your IT team

Fully automated and policy-driven, Redstor seamlessly archives data
that meets specified criteria – giving you complete control of what’s archived and when, and liberating your IT team to focus on more strategic priorities.

Is redundant obsolete and trivial data clogging up your primary storage?

Well, it’s time for Redstor. It couldn’t be easier to gain complete, centralised visibility of your data, identify your risks and create opportunities to cut costs.

Using our InstantData™ technology, you can access and manage all your data immediately – with a simple, monitorable, and auditable trail continually produced.

See the future of data management

We are disrupting the world of data management with our pioneering technology, which provides visibility and streamed, on-demand access to all your data, wherever it is stored, through a single control centre. Trusted by more than 40,000 global customers across all industries, we use our proven, leading technology to help you discover, analyse, control and protect your critical data.

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